Preschool Scientists

loading If you work with, or teach children, you will know that learning by doing is the most effective way to engage young minds. Young children’s minds are naturally curious. They explore the world around them to discover how things work, and why things happen.

Young Scientists Preschool Science Labs are designed to let children explore and learn by doing, using all their senses to discover basic science ideas. Our program introduces science literacy to children and links in with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia.

Our programs are 60 minutes in duration and consist of two segments. The presenter will introduce up to 15 different hands-on activities chosen to stimulate interest and be appropriate to the motor skills of 3 to 5 year old children. Activities include working with magnets, battery powered electric circuits, kaleidoscopes, movement and storing energy, sound and vibrations and forces and balance. The hands-on section lasts up to 45 minutes. The program concludes with 15 minutes of discussion and an interactive science show.

Children will use and develop their motor skills and engage their different senses while completing the varied activities. Emphasis is placed on observing, listening and feeling the effects as the children interact with the hands-on activities. The children are left with a sense of accomplishment and wonder as they discover how these simple toys and science activities work.

Pre Science 1


  • Birds of Balance - Balance the bird's beak on your finger. How does it do that?
  • Boom Sticks - Hit the plastic tubes to make different pitch sounds.
  • Electric Circuits - Connect the battery and wires to turn on the light.
  • Expanding Spheres - These amazing toys unfold to many times their original size.
  • Hopping Roos - Use gravity to help the kangaroos hop down the ramp.
  • In a Spin - Race the marbles down the helix.
  • Kaleidoscope Colours - Reflecting mirrors create wonderful shapes and colours.
  • Sommersault Frogs - Flip the frogs to make them land on thier feet.
  • Mirror Reflections - Look at yourself in the bendy mirror. What happens to the reflection?
  • Periscope Vision - Using 2 mirrors to see around corners.
  • Pin Shapes - Use hundreds of tiny pins to outline your hand.
  • Rocket Launch - Stomp your foot to launch an air rocket.
  • Roll Away Can - Roll the can and watch it return to you.
  • Music Box Melody - Wind the handle to hear a beautiful melody.
  • Magnetic Spin Around - Keep the magnetic top spinning around a large loop.
  • The Magnet Maze - Use the magnetic wand to move magnetic balls around a maze.
  • The Nose Knows - Match up and identify several familiar scents.
  • Swim or Sink - Squeeze the bottle to make the diver sink or float.
  • Tornado Tube - Make a tornado in a bottle.
  • Touch Crystals - The liquid crystals will change colour when heated by the students hands.

Pre Science 2


  • Amazing Sound Tubes - Use gravity to move the balls down the helix with a groaning sound.
  • Bug Eye Lenses - Look through these lenses for a different view of the world.
  • Colour Mixers - can you make green, orange and purple using the colour paddles?
  • Helix Spin - Make the magnetic wheel travel UP the spiral!
  • Hovering Magnets - Investigate magnetic poles as they attract and repel to hover in mid air.
  • Jacobs Falling Ladder - These cleverly linked blocks to fall down in a never ending pattern.
  • Levered Dancing Animals - Pressing in different positions make these animals move in different ways.
  • Optical Illusions - Drop coins into the money box - only to see them disappear!
  • Water Fountain - As water falls down it pushes a fountain of water up into the air.
  • The vortex - Rolling coins get faster and faster as they go down the spiral.
  • Tube Telephone - Use this simple telephone to talk to your friend across the room.
  • Sound Tree - Marbles drop down the tree making different pitched sounds.
  • Spinning Tops - Try out these push powered spinning tops and find out how they work.
  • Robot Levers - Use the claws to see how a lever works.
  • Sound Tubes - Whirl sound tubes through the air to make different pitch sounds.
  • Sound Match Makers - Shake these secret boxes so match up the similar sounds.
  • Slinky Stair Walk - Move the metal slinky to climb down specially constructed stairs.
  • Switch Pitch Balls - Spin the ball to move levers and turn the ball inside out.