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Birthday Parties

A quick email to say a big thank you for making a very memorable event for Andy’s birthday on Sunday. It was so heartening to see the kids get so into all the activities, the genuine excitement of discovery. You really engaged them for longer than any of us parents thought possible. A few comments came back that it was the best party EVER! So, needless to say, you were a real hit – sorry, but you may have to travel to Avalon a bit more as it catches on here :)

I had the science party for my son's 6th birthday. It was a terrific way to have a large party at your home. The presenter was on time, engaging and kept 20 little boys very happy for 2 hours. All I did was put food out and enjoyed the show. I would highly recommend this company for a great party.

Birthday Parties

Wow!!! What a great party for our 7 year old son. Tim, was a great ambassador and worked really well with the kids. While it was an amazingly well behaved bunch of kids, their attentiveness and fascination was all due to Tim. He held their interest, was fun enough for them not to feel threatened, but authoritative enough for them to respect him. It was also a great program with loads for the kids to do, while also allowing the birthday boy to feel special by being the d star rating and a 100% reccommendation rate!emonstrator/pioneer of each activity. Other parents commented later about how much fun their children had had. I'd highly recommend it.